The Gift Is Life

Done by Linda Rothchild Ollis Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
The Gift Is Life
Acrylic on hardboard
5 ¾” x 5 ¾”

When inspiration bubbles to the surface,
I capture those visual ideas in a simple drawing or photo.
This past week, a red shiny gift bag, red peppers, red
tomatoes, golf balls, tees and Steve's shiny red hybrid golf club,
all called, "paint me!".
The curly ribbon and the red gift bag shouted louder than the rest,
and the others are on the drawing board.
Going beyond what a photo offers is illustrated ;-) (pun intended!)
in this painting, by giving it a greater significance than just being a gift bag.
I thought..."A gift peeking out of this red bag, would be a good addition...Hmmm?
Ah Ha! The ultimate gift is life...
with this thought comes an extra bonus... a title I like."