Painting In Progress - Finished Moment To Remember 25

Done by Linda Rothchild Ollis Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
Moment To Remember 25
Acrylic on 100% Rag Arches Watercolor Paper
Image: 20" x 28"
Framed: 28" x 36"

On display:
Watercolor Soc. Of Oregon Exhibition
RiverSea Gallery April 4-28 2009
1160 Commercial St.
Astoria, Oregon
It is always a pleasure to watch the painting
"come to life", when the dark values are added.
You may have noticed, the number sequence
in my series is sometimes out of order.
I assign a number to a painting and
work on more than one painting at a time.
Some paintings make it to the finish line before others.


John said…
I like the glass in front and second from the left. It is as if that glass brings the background into focus, but the rest has a nostalgic haze to it. Or perhaps the play of the sun's rays is supposed to make the images more clear. Regardless I like this painting.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comments regarding my painting.